Kohinoor:  Like the Kohinoor  diamond,  this high quality coffee is exceptional & exclusive. . Sieve-size-18/19 or “AA”.  The largest beans that grow on the coffee bush become the Kohinoor beans.  Limited quantities available.

Kimaya (divine).  These beans are sieve size 17  beans what we call our ‘A” grade beans.

Maya (illusion).  This is a high quality screen size 15 bean. A top favorite amongst most roasters.

Arabica Peaberry:  A high quality peaberry will definitely impart unique characteristics to the final brew. Our peaberry will definitely surpass your expectations! Limited quantities available.

Aseeah: A customised blend of 3 different beans that imparts a strong bold cup.

AMRITA: Unique in many many ways, this is an unwashed, “tree-dried” coffee imparting a very sweet cup with notes of jackfruit, pineapple jam and sometime ripe mango. A true favourite of some of our roasters.