When we first started in 2004, the awareness of Indian Coffees was very little and scant and not many roasters were even aware that India grew great coffees. Hence we decided to invest time, energy and money in bringing a few esteemed roasters to India so that they could see for themselves how we grow and take care of our coffees in India.  In 2005, we had our first ever Indian Coffee Cupping Event in PDX and Seattle.  We had David Kobos of Kobos Coffee, Don Jensen of Bridgetown Coffee , Mark Stell of Portland Roasting , Peggy Hudon of Hood River Coffee Company, Andrea Spella of Spella Café visit our parent company and plantations in India.

In 2006-2007 we decided to take the cupping session a notch further and organized a first ever Indian Espresso Challenge.  This was very well received by the roaster community in the US and Canada.  We provided all the coffees required for the event for a nominal fee which went to support one of the plantation schools in Chikmagalur.   The espresso challenge was judged by Don Jensen, david Kobos and Sherri Johns who all were well versed in Indian Coffees by then.  We had over 30 entries for the Espresso Challenge and the top 4 winners were of Paradise Coffee from Minnesota, Stanton Coffee , Ultimate Bean from Canada and World Cup from Portland Oregon.

“2007 Karnataka Plantation Espresso Challenge”
The First ever Indian Espresso Blend Challenge was hosted by Karnataka

Plantation Coffees with top scoring coffee roasters located in the Midwest, Northwest and Canada. The

four winners are Paradise Roasters from Ramsey, Minnesota, Stanton Coffee Company of Indianapolis,

Indiana, The Ultimate Bean from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada and World Cup Coffee of Portland, Oregon. Coffee roasters from across the USA and Canada developed and roasted their unique blend of coffees to embody a new Indian Coffee based espresso blend.

2008: 3 super exciting years of being in the business was followed by another sponsored trip of a group of 7 roasters from the Pacific Northwest and Midwest.  We had Brian Turko (, Tom Owen (, Paul Schuster (, Sherri Johns (Whole Cup Consulting), Miguel Mesa ( , Mark Overly (  and Sean (  They were escorted through the plantations of India by Michael and Ujwala and our whole technical team.

2009: In 2009, we had a very successful booth at the India International Coffee Festival which we have supported since its inception.  We invited Don Jensen and his wife Susan Jensen to be our Chief Guests along with Q-Cupper Andres Castro who has been a colleague and partner with us on the quality control side.

2013: Another repeat of our Espresso Challenge was conducted in 2013.  Our star coffee for that Challenge was the Anokhi! The winner of that was

2014 IICF: