Sitara™ (meaning: bright star): KPCI has been responsible for increasing the awareness of Indian Robustas in the US. Our premium brand SITARA is a WASHED ROBUSTA with extremely stringent growing, processing and curing norms. This is what separates our SITARA from other Robusta AA.


Prakriti™ (meaning: nature): Arabica beans are picked at peak, pulped and sun-dried on a brick patio. This is an unwashed, dry-processed coffee.


Kohinoor™ : washed Arabica hot favorite for stand-alone coffee. Large bold beans with a brilliant smooth taste profile.


Sanskriti™ (meaning: tradition and culture): High altitude Arabica coffee from our premium new estates. Washed, pulped, fermented and naturally patio-dried.


Amrita™ (meaning: nectar of the gods): This coffee is closest to any natural coffee you will ever find. The beans are allowed to dry in the fruit on the coffee bush itself. Once it reaches a certain moisture level, the beans are hand-picked, hulled and garbled meticulously.


Nirali™ (meaning: different): This is our premium Pulped Natural, Sun-dried Robusta. Beautiful sweetish-tart Robusta.


ANOKHI™ (meaning: unique): Distinctive… Rare… Exotic…