Our Team

Michael Branham:

Started this company with lots of help from our Indian partners.  Michael handles the US side of sales and marketing.  He loves his coffee black and drinks a ton of good Indian Coffees with the Amrita being his favorite.  Everyone who knows our company knows him. Not a bean can move in our warehouse without his approval!   Ujwala is based out of Bangalore, India and helps with the coffee approval and procurement.  She likes her coffee black too with Anokhi being her favorite.  She is assisted by 3 young ladies who are very passionate about their work.


An MBA graduate of finance working with us since 2010.  She is the Boss and the go to person for anything and everything that happens in the Bangalore office.  She has the memory of an elephant and understands green coffee very well.  She has a good “nose” and a keen sense of taste that makes her a permanent fixture at our coffee cupping table.



With a Masters in Food Technology, Veena has been with us since 2011. Fun-loving and self-driven, her inputs and guidance have gotten our lab up to speed with the chemistry and microbiological analysis of our green beans.  She has definitely got a good handle on coffees and she has honed her cupping skills very well through the years.



After a long time (20 years) with our company in sales and marketing, Pramila has joined us in the Bangalore office in the admin department.  She takes care of our books and makes sure everything is in order for the most part.  Being a true tea drinker, she hasn’t made the leap into coffee drinking as yet. But we are working on that!