We do things a little differently and that’s what makes us unique.  We work with producers who follow stringent growing, processing and curing norms. Our green coffee selection process is tightly controlled and monitored on the ground level in India. We have a 2 level team working out of Karnataka, India which takes care of all the back end work. The Agro-Advisory Team is on the field level working with growers on the plant nutrition side. They are in the know of the climatic changes in the area, the rainfall patterns, the soil type, the practices used on the plantation, the kind of coffee grown and the processing methods used on that plantation. Hence, these folks have a very good idea of the producers who would have top quality coffees for that particular year. The technical team then informs our Procurement Team based out of Bangalore which goes ahead with the procurement of samples, cupping of the coffees for quality and/or any specific customized profile required by our clients and decides on which lots/microlots to purchase in collaboration with our Hillsboro office.

Over the last decade, we have sponsored several top-notch expert roasters to visit Indian coffees estates and to see how coffees grow in India for themselves.