India is home to the best Robusta coffees in the world and yet little attention is given to this step-child of the coffea family.  The robusta bean is not an inferior bean by any means; the poorly processed robustas in the market have given this coffee a bad reputation.  In reality, the Robusta bean, as its name suggests, is noted for its  robust taste and body.

Some roasters believe that a good Indian Robusta can impart certain characteristics to the cup that cannot be achieved singly with Indian mild Arabicas.   A well crafted blend of Indian Arabica and premium Robusta will have a superior flavor and richness and will confer significantly enhanced value to the roaster.

Robustas compliment Arabicas beautifully!  We encourage you to try Indian Robusta, artfully blended or in espresso and we assure you that they will surpass your highest expectations.



Sitara: (bright star) is the crème-de la crème of the Robusta harvest far surpassing the Kaapi Royale. Connoisseurs in the Italian & American market have much admired the individuality of this washed blue-green coffee with bold beans & minimal defects.

Pallavi (spring leaf) is a sieve size 14 bean and is ideal for the custom-roaster who understands what a good washed Robusta can do for his blends.

Kaveri (sacred river of India).   It imparts the same richness, strength and flavor to the coffee blend as the Pallavi but goes through one less sorting stage and hence is more cost-competetive.  Washed Robusta

Sufia: A curated blend of 4 different washed Robusta beans for our high-end consumers who want exclusivity & uniqueness.

NIRALI: Another unexpected “hit” with many of our roasters, this coffee is an unwashed robusta which is dry processed, simply pulped and sun dried on the patio producing an awesome coffee with notes of tobacco and spice.